Who Is Eligible?

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Team Member Eligibility

If you are classified as a full-time Team Member working 32 or more hours per week, your coverage begins on the 1st of the month following 30 days of employment if you are newly eligible (new hire or newly promoted to full-time), or on January 1st if you waived benefits when first hired/promoted. The period just before January each year is generally recognized as annual enrollment; a time to enroll or make changes to benefit elections.



 Eligible dependents are defined as (but not limited to):

  1. lawful spouse
  2. dependent children up to their 26th birthday
  3. totally disabled dependents who rely on the Team Member for support and maintenance.


Changes in Your Family

If you experience a family status change and need to add or terminate a dependent, you must log on to myunitedbenefits.com and request the addition or termination of the dependent under the “Life Events” section.  To substantiate any change, addition or termination of dependent coverage, you must provide documentation to prove they are an eligible dependent.  Documentation must be received by the Benefits Department within 31 days of the qualifying event.  Some examples of qualifying events are:




•suit for adoption


•child becomes ineligible


Premium Rates

All premium information can be viewed after clicking on “Benefits Login”.