Vacation / Personal Time

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Vacation Days (Full-time)

Full-time team members become eligible for vacation on the first anniversary date of continuous full-time employment and earn additional vacation as of each subsequent anniversary date.  For team members who are hired on a part-time basis and later move to full-time status, benefits such as vacation are based on the date of the status change and not the original hire date.  Vacation earned should be used within one year of the anniversary date.  However, up to one week (40 hours) of unused vacation may be carried over to the next year.  Vacation in excess of one week will be lost forever if not used by the Saturday prior to the full-time anniversary date.  In order to receive vacation pay, team members must take time off from work.  Pay will not be given in lieu of taking time off.  Vacation cannot be taken before it is earned.  Due to busy retail season, vacations are discouraged during the last six weeks of the calendar year; any exceptions must have management approval.

Vacation Accrual Schedule

For Hourly Team Members:

Years of Full-Time Service Vacation Weeks
1 Year  One Week
2 – 7 Years Two Weeks
8 – 14 Years  Three Weeks
15 Years and Over  Four Weeks

For All Salaried Team Members:

Years of Full-Time Service Vacation Weeks
1 – 5 Years   Two Weeks
6 – 14 Years  Three Weeks
15 Years and Over Four Weeks


Personal Days (Full-Time)

Full-time team members are eligible to receive personal day benefits after six months of continuous full-time employment.  Store team members can accrue up to eight days per year, while Store Support and Distribution Center team members can accrue up to five days per year.  Team members may accrue up to a maximum of 80 hours.  Unlike vacation, 80 personal hours (10 days) can be carried over from year to year.  As observed under the vacation policy, personal days must be approved by management.